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Red wine (Colli Tortonesi DOC Creatina)

Croatina is a vine with soft tannins and a vigorous structure, historically present in the Tortona hills. Croatina-only vineyards were once rare, as it was often vinified together with other vines.

Giaocomo Boveri took inspiration for the production of this wine from the place where during his childhood he often went to admire the elegance and magnificence of this grape and where past generations had identified as the ideal place for its maximum expression.

Grape variety: Croatina 100%

Vineyard: Located in Costa Vescovato (AL), planted in 2008, south-west exposure, 240 m above sea level

Sixth plant: 0.83x2.60 - Guyot breeding

Soil: Medium-textured clay

Yield per hectare: 70 quintals/ha.

Harvest: Manual end of September


Vineyard processing: Fertilized with organic-based products, green manure in alternate rows with mechanical weeding.

Since 2019 the company has followed the "DTP Passione & Ragione – Sustainable Viticulture" protocol


Processing in the cellar: crushing and subsequent vinification in steel barrels at a controlled temperature of 26°. Delastage mid-fermentation followed by maceration on the skins for 10/15 days.

One year of aging in steel. Further refinement in bottle for at least 18 months.


How to order this wine?

If you are a restaurant or a distributor you can contact us directly (contact section), equally if you are a private individual and want to place an order we will be happy to accommodate your requests. Alternatively you can also find some of our wines on the online shop we collaborate with Taste Derthona .

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