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Tradition and passion at the service of agriculture

Giacomo Boveri


The origins of my company are lost between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century. From the research I carried out at the local registry offices I was able to trace Boveri Giovanni Antonio, my paternal great-great-grandfather, qualified as "peasant" on the death certificate, married to Borasi Domenica, also a farmer, born in the early nineteenth century. The documentation in my hands, however, suggests that his ancestors also carried out the agricultural activity that the latter thus inherited.

The peculiarity of my family, which strengthens the origins and peasant tradition of the company but, above all, its native origins, consists in the fact that I descend from Boveri on both my paternal and maternal side as can be seen from the photographs I have managed to recover.

My ancestors...

From Giovanni Antonio mentioned above was born Boveri Luigi (1861-1933), my great-grandfather and, from these, Boveri Giuseppe (1894-1958), my grandfather, up to Boveri Piero, my father. On the maternal side, also of Boveri descent, I traced Boveri Giorgio (1846-1928), husband of Lugano Annunziata, my great-grandparents, parents of Boveri Luigi (1882-1951), up to my mother, Boveri Carla. The "maternal" Boveri branch managed its possessions using the sharecropping system while the family branch of paternal origins has always managed the properties with regularly registered paid labor as I am still doing today.

In those days, the role of agriculture and landowners in the economic scenario were very different. Suffice it to say that my ancestors, in their identity cards, were classified as "well-off".

At the end of my studies as a telecommunications expert, making a choice that went against the trend of the historical period I was living in (it was 1988, when a public position or in a large company was easily accessible at the time and guaranteed a peaceful and risk-free life) I I made the decision to continue the family tradition, dedicating myself completely to the management of the family farm.

Over the years I set up the business with the aim of increasing the company surface area and improving winemaking techniques. The goal I have always set for myself has been to promote and develop a product linked to the territory. It is for this reason that, among the labels I produce, in addition to the traditional Barbera, I also wanted to bet on wines such as "Timorasso" and "Croatina", originating precisely from the hills where the history of my family is based, for a long time abandoned for a long time but are now discovering a new youth.

Sara Bonadeo
(Giacomo's wife)


Since 2010, Giacomo Boveri has been joined in this journey by his wife Sara Bonadeo who left the profession of lawyer, preferring the sociability and conviviality that only wine is capable of creating between people. From their union Giovanni was born, currently sixteen years old, a high school student with a passion for football.

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